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Mathlete Club

Dubai Math Club

April 19-May 12 |  5-6pm (UAE) | 8-9am (Central Time)

Mondays and Wednesdays (total 8 classes)

Ages 9 and up

US$200 per student

Payment via Paypal and Zelle available -


FREE CLASS APRIL 12th 5-6pm (UAE) | 8-9am (Central Time)

Dubai Math Club gives students the opportunity to showcase their skills in our math competition!  In this club students will flex their problem-solving muscles to tackle the types of problems commonly found in math competitions. The program kicks off with acquiring and practising essential critical problem-solving skills and ends a with a lively quiz to display new skills and knowledge. Students do not need particular math aptitude, but a positive attitude and a desire for challenge would be great!  


Students will have several homework homework options to choose including solving real-world problems and creating a presentation /project related to a mathematical concept.


Materials: Access to (No account required)

Access  to Google classroom (Students will be provided with a classroom code prior to first meeting.


This Club is run under the supervision of our expert Math educator, and in the comfort of your own home.

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