June 15-19 | CAPE SCIENCE CLUB $60 per camper 9am-10am PST | Ages 8-14 Experience five of our science programs in CAPE's one week science club, and save on the cost of a single program! Explore science topics by performing household experiments - moon phases with marshmallows, chemistry with cabbage, and much more!  Hands-on activities that span a variety of science topics, all under the supervision of our expert CAPE educators. ​DAILY DROP-IN available at $15 per class. Please enquire.

June 15-17 | NOVICE ADVENTURERS $90 per camper 10.30am - 12.30pm PST | Ages 10 and up For a true Dungeons and Dragons adventurer's experience, create your own custom character and play through a short, multi-session campaign. These stories offer a deeper role-playing experience and the chance to bond with like-minded explorers over the course of the game. Sessions are run by a live educator and Game Master. No dice, rule books, or previous knowledge needed, just log in and join the party!

June 15-19 | GETTING READY FOR ACTION $50 per camper | 11am-11.50am PST | Ages 5-8 This class introduces students to fundamental skills and tools required for developing the acting process. Through games, interactive group activities and exercises, students will become more confident and capable in performance-based settings, as well as day-to-day public interactions.

June 15-19 | MINDFULNESS MENTORS $55 per camper 3pm - 4pm PST | Ages 10 and up Mindfulness Mentors helps teens and tweens become confident leaders while teaching them skills useful in navigating demanding lives. Students will learn the basics of mindfulness, breathing techniques, practice meditation, gain confidence, improve self-esteem, experience peace and connection. OPTIONAL: $16 materials fee includes a journal, worksheets and the 3 rock meditation package. Pick-up arrangements.

June 15-17 | EXPERT ADVENTURERS $90 per camper 1pm - 3pm PST | Ages 10 and up For experienced adventurers, these stories take your character from humble adventurers to local legends. Continue your character's story from your Apprentice Adventure and discover new powers, new threats, and new friends. New players may participate if prepared with a properly filled character sheet for a level three character compatible with 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons. Sessions are run by a Grand Master.

June 15-19 | AUDITION TECHNIQUES $50 per camper | Noon-12.50pm | Ages 9 and up PST Aspiring artistes will work on confidence-based skills such as proper posture, public speaking, and eye contact. Campers will sight-read, dissect characters, and learn the art of improvisation. How to enter and exit an audition room, choosing the right monologue, and how to effectively calm pre-performance nerves will be covered. Campers will walk away with skills and tips needed for a successful audition.