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St Patrick Spring 2022

Science Class


Apr 26 - May 24 
2-2.50pm  (Kinder)
3.10-4.10pm (Gr 1 & up) 
Min 8
In this STEM-related class, students experience the unique opportunity to explore their natural curiosity through tinkering. This class is perfect for the young curious mind and for those who want to have fun learning. Through tinkering, students learn how “stuff” works and to explore their own ideas by creating projects in a structured environment. For many children, this class fuels their natural curiosity about life through play, developing fine motor skills, problem-solving abilities, and peer relationships. This promotes curiosity in the working world and equips students with feelings of confidence and discovery.

School Soccer Game


Apr 29 - May 27 
2-2.50pm  (Kinder)
3.10-4.10pm (Gr 1 & up) 
Min 8
Our soccer program is a high-energy program focused on fitness/exercise and fun games that improves general athletic ability. Through our positive reinforcement approach, we provide a program for our children to develop physically and mentally. This class is perfect for children of all ages and levels to enhance their teamwork and reflexive skills in a play-based environment.

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