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Oct 7-11 | $300

9.30am-12.30pm | Min 10, Max 16

Each day students will learn different techniques used in cartooning.  Subjects like characteristics, features, exaggeration, action and personification will contribute to each child's artistic advancement!  Students will immediately apply their new skills in every class to create their own original cartoon characters!  Materials included.

Tomato Ravioli


Oct 14-18 | $325

9.30am-12.30pm | Min 10, Max 12

In this camp, students will visit a different country each day, and rotate through 3 recipes each day.  They will learn what that country is distinctly known for, prepare and eat healthy, nut-free foods associated with that country.  Students gain a new appreciation of food and a desire to see the world through food! All classes include map education, brief language acquisition, and a folk tale, story or trivia game. 

*Please let us know if you have any food allergies*

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