St Paul Fall 2022 Enrichment

Writing a test



9/13 - 11/29.  No class 10/25, 11/22

$850 | See times below  | Gr 8 only  

The class will cover all sections on the HSPT, and also teach students the problem-solving strategies and techniques to be successful in each section.  There will be homework assigned.  The session starts with a baseline diagnostic test and ends with a mock exam.  Statistics on test scores, working memory, and processing speed will be provided.  A highlight of the prep is adaptive teaching.  Based on individual AND group results, the teacher can focus each week's content to strengthen areas of weaknesses.   Min 12 

Note Class Times:

Sep: 9/12 2-4pm (diagnostic), 9/19 12.30-2.30pm, 9/26 12.30-2.30pm

Oct: 10/3 2-4pm, 10/17 12.30-2.30pm, 10/31 12.30-2.30pm.  No class 10/10, 10/24

Nov: 11/7 2-4pm, 11/14 2-4pm, 11/21 12.30-2.30pm, 11/28 12.30-3.30pm (mock exam)

Image by Hannah Busing



9/14 - 11/30. No class 10/26, 11/23

Uke K $200 | 2.30-3.20pm | Kinder

Uke+ $225 3.30-4.30pm | Gr 1-5

Learn to Uke! It's relatively simple to learn, super fun, and timelessly popular!  In this ensemble, we will jump right into the fun stuff and learn how to play music on the ukulele. By the end of the course, students will know a few chord positions, will be able to play a couple of songs on the ukulele, and be able to sing along. Our instructors bring a classroom set of ukuleles with them to every class for the kids to use and we highly recommend that students also have a ukulele at home to practice. Min 10

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9/13 - 11/29.  No class 10/25, 11/22

Chess K $200 | 2.30-3.20pm | Kinder  

Chess+ $225 | 3.30-4.30pm | Gr 1-5 

Get hooked on Chess - a game that promotes logical thinking, problem solving, and foresight! In this class, we emphasize sportsmanship over competitive elements to get our kids excited about chess.   Kids learn strategies, openings, solve chess diagrams and puzzles. Class will consist of instruction time followed by playing time with each other and with the instructor. We emphasize a cooperative environment, and learning positive social skills.  Min 12 

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Hip Hop

9/15 - 12/1. No class 10/27, 11/24

Hip Hop K $200 | 2.30-3.20pm | Kinder 

Hip Hop+ $225 | 3.30-4.30pm | Gr 1-5 

Dance uplifts, unites, and empowers children.  It also provides children with an opportunity to express their individuality while working on gross motor skills and developing cognitive and social skills.  Hip Hop is the perfect class for children who want to dance, stay active, and learn how to freestyle!  Musicality, rhythm, and creative movement are key components of this fun, urban/street-style dance class that teaches boys and girls alike to step, stomp, and shake it out.  Min 10