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St Patrick Winter 2023 enrichment



12 classes: 1/31-5/2. No class 2/21, 4/11

DESIGN:BUILD LAB K | 2-2.50pm | Kinder  | Loc: Kinder Room 

DESIGN:BUILD LAB+  | 3.10-4.10pm | Gr 1-5 |  Loc: TBD 

Explore Product Design!  Create your own books!  Learn how Architecture works!   In this project-based class, students will go through a creative planning process to design and build their creations.  Sample projects include: bookmaking - accordion books and popup books, three-dimensional buildings limited only by their imagination, and products based on the concepts of recycling and multi-functionality. 
Min 10/Max 16

Girl Drawing

ÅRT $325

11 classes: 2/2-4/27. No class 4/6, 4/13

ART K | 2-2.50pm | Loc: Kinder Room 

(WAITLIST) ART+ | 3.10-4.10pm Gr 1-5 | Loc: TBD

Bring your child's art skills to the next level in this series of art classes. We'll focus on drawing and painting,  experiment and explore a range of projects and.  Imagine nature inspired painting, drawing with colorful paint pens and oil pastels, creating layered collages, etc...but mostly just having fun in the process and perhaps getting a bit messy. Materials included.

Min 8/Max 12

Flag of Spain


12 classes: 2/1-4/26.  No class 4/12 
(WAITLIST) 12.30-1.30pm | Gr K-3 | Loc: Kinder Room

In this beginner Spanish class, we focus on strengthening conversational skills and grammar, and building vocabulary.  Instruction is provided with singing and games. Students will learn numbers, days of the week, months, animals, colors, telling time, and verbs.  By the end of the class, students should have a strong foundation in  basic Spanish grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, reading, listening, writing and simple, practical Spanish conversations.
Min 8/Max 12

Image by qi xna


9 classes: 2/3-4/28. No class 3/10, 3/17,  4/7, 4/14 

MANDARIN K | 2-2.50pm | Loc: Kinder Room 

MANDARIN+ | 3.10-4.10pm Gr 1-8 | Loc: TBD

Learn Mandarin using song, dance and mixed media to help children feel comfortable speaking and listening in their new language. Students will be introduced to simple greetings, numbers, colors, days of the weeks and months, as well as a peek into Chinese culture. Min 8/Max 12

Cooking Class


12 classes: 2/1-4/26.  No class 4/12 

CLASS 1: 12.30-2pm | Gr 3-4 | Loc: Kitchen

CLASS 2: 2.30-4pm | Gr 5-8 | Loc: Kitchen  

Grab your passports!  It is time to explore cuisines across the globe, one bite at a time. We’ll take an adventure from Africa to Europe and the young chefs will discover unique cultures while creating tasty masterpieces.
We’ll savor a taste of Africa’s traditional savory mealie cakes, create homemade Pesto, and learn the art of French crepes. Then on to Japan to discover sushi, and Vietnam to make Banh Mi.  Students then take a quick jaunt to Belgium for her famous waffles; before going down under to make Anzac bikkies, with a layover in Hawaii to experience poi and frozen tropical treats. Grab your ticket and make a reservation now to join us on this international culinary adventure!  This class uses recipes which may contain nuts/seeds.  Please indicate any food allergy at registration.

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