Tiny Techs Club | April 6-10, Mon-Fri, 9-10.30am (PST) | $110 per student | Gr 2-6 | Min 10, Max 15 Experiment with digital art and technology simultaneously. Learn how to create animation scripts using SCRATCH®! Our exclusive curriculum teaches students fundamentals of programming, logic, and sequencing by writing simple and complex scripts. Students will work online or use the offline SCRATCH editor to create scripts.Instruction will be provided via Zoom.

Cape Science | April 6-10, Mon-Fri, 11am-noon (PST) | $85 per student | Gr 5-8 | Min 5, Max 10 Did you know that you can test the acidity of sodas and other common drinks just by using cabbage juice or that the phases of the moon can be modeled using marshmallows Presented by CAPE Science, students will explore science topics by performing household experiments, making scientific models, and participating in online discussions, guided by an experienced science educator.

Intro to Dungeons and Dragons | April 6-10, Mon-Fri, 1pm-3pm (PST) | $170 per student | Gr 4-8 | Min 3, Max 8 Students learn the basics of tabletop role playing games by participating in their own fantasy adventure! Groups of 3 - 6 students will practice creativity, math skills, and problem solving as they work together through an adventure that twists and turns based on their decisions..and the roll of the dice. Students need no prior knowledge of the game, just pencil, paper, and imagination.

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