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Notre Dame Elementary Fall 2023 Enrichment

Karate Practice
10 classes: 9/18-12/11. No class 10/2, 10/9, 11/20 | 12.45-1.45pm | Gr K-4

Taekwondo teaches children discipline and physical skills whether they want to compete for the gold or just want to learn.  We emphasize a cooperative environment, and learning positive social skills. This translates to many students excelling in scholastic activities as they develop improved focus.  Returning students will continue to work towards their next belt.  Min 12

Taekwondo $270

Chess Tournament
10 classes: 9/19-12/12. No class 10/3, 10/31, 11/20 |  3-4pm | All Grades
This chess class starts with a half hour of instruction time  on a theme, idea, motif, or classical game. Students 
participate by playing each other, and attempting to find the best move in certain positions.  Our primary focus are tactics, endgames, and identifying checkmating patterns. Homework is given to supplement the topics covered in class and reviewed the following week. We also review and learn from past classical chess games.
Min 12

Chess $270

10 classes: 9/20-12/6. No class 10/4,  11/22 |  3-4.30 pm | Gr K-3 

In this 90-minute class, students are introduced to STEM basics  by building guided projects out of LEGO® pieces! Each LEGO® project will showcase relevant STEM concepts, such as a motorized car to discuss gear drives or a house with bricks to introduce overlapping construction, fostering hands-on learning for participants. Min 10

Lego STEM Basics $290

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