A little about The Vocal Gym, our pitch perfect partner:

Hi! We're Clara and Robert, middle school choir friends who both found our separate ways into music education. For both of us, our lifelong love of music started early, with fun and engaging experiences which built strong fundamentals. Together, we run The Vocal Gym.


We have 2 programs available: Kids, and Teens & Adults. In both, data-driven, age-appropriate, and fun approaches to deliver high quality lessons to you or your child in the comfort of your own home. 

We believe anyone can learn to sing. The most important thing is consistency, and keeping a long view. We run weekly online lessons to make consistency as easy as possible.   Try a first class for free and explore your voice!

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The Vocal Gym Kids

KIDS PROGRAM (Classes resume Sep 21, 2022)

TVGK builds strong general music fundamentals in kids through our engaging weekly classes, delivered ONLINE. We use tools that they already know well - their voice and physical movements, to teach transferable concepts such as note reading, rhythm, pitch, and improvisation. Through games, which keep things fresh and exciting, students build confidence and skills to thrive in any musical environment, or on any instrument.


A class will generally contain the following: warmups, rhythmic/solfege work, a song, and lastly, a reflective exercise. At 5-7 years old, kids are developing a musical vocabulary through observing, imitating, and playing. Just as kids are able to jump right into games with other kids on the playground, they should have no problem jumping in here. Of course, there are always students who grasp concepts faster, and we will continue to challenge them. Throughout the class, there will be fun "additional" challenges, or advanced students may be asked to demonstrate or explain concepts to the class. Performance opportunities and open-mic nights will be offered as the cohort grows in size, offering a community aspect to these sessions. Beyond music, we hope to build leadership, confidence, and a growth mindset with these components.


The Vocal Gym

TEENS & ADULTS PROGRAM (Classes resume Sep 21, 2022)

TVG for Teens & Adults takes a more science-forward approach, and adds an element of community and support. Students learn about the anatomy, mechanics, and science of the voice; when you understand how the voice works, you can begin to troubleshoot on your own, design your own sound, and master your voice. 


Sessions are a mix of follow-along exercises, guided practice time, and short lecture modules. We expect to meet you at your comfort level. Video is optional, and while you may be encouraged to try something in front of the class, it will never be mandatory. If you are looking to dip your toes into performing for others, we have a regular low-stakes open mic for a small supportive audience.