MIDDLE SCHOOL enrichment online 2020

Ages 12 & up or Gr 6 & up


Aspiring Entrepreneurs $130

11/2-12/14 (no class 11/23)

4pm-5pm |  Min 10, Max 16

Calling all aspiring entrepreneurs! It's never too early to start your own business! In this interactive course, you will learn what an entrepreneur is, how to choose a business idea, and business basics.  You will experience running a business playing the Biz Ops Game and apply what you learn to get your own business started and up and running. You will learn how to communicate your business idea effectively through an elevator pitch and the Business Model Canvas that you create for your own business.


Electromagnetism and the Nature of Everything $130

11/5-12/17 (no class 11/26)

4-5pm  | Min 8, Max 16

Students learn about the electromagnetic nature of matter and energy, including: Magnetism, Magnetic Induction Electricity, Photons, Solar Energy, Physics of Refrigeration Technology and Plasma/Bose-Einstein Condensate. Class content is taught through engaging visual aids, physical demonstrations and thought-provoking discussion. (Optional: materials)


Botany Art $130

11/3-12/15 (no class 11/24)

4-5pm  | Min 8, Max 16

In this class, students study the relationship between plants and humans, learn the anatomy of a selected herb or flower, as well as its key medicinal qualities and properties.  Types of edible flowers and history of recipes with flowers are taught, and students can create their own!  Students will also learn about foliage and its benefits.  They will also learn to work with graphite pencil, pen and plant-based paint wash-drawing.


Film Making $130

11/6-12/18 (no class 11/27)

4-5pm | Min 8, Max 16

Students will learn how to develop a story, shoot and edit a short independent film. Students will be introduced to concepts such as: genres, casting, budgeting, location scouting, pre and post production, shooting techniques, lighting and sound, music and filming rights, waivers, storyboards and editing software. They will review short films and engage in discussion about techniques, and how to replicate and originate their own ideas within their budget, resources and time frame. MUST HAVE:- a reliable phone to shoot video, store, work and edit from (with enough gigabytes of free space for video files and apps - recommended minimum 10-15gb of free space) - ability to download apps to the phone - ability to search and use online tools.


Atoms, Molecules & The Periodic Table of Elements $130

11/4-12/16 (no class 11/25)

4-5pm | Min 8, Max 16

Students are introduced to atoms, subatomic particles and the Periodic Table of Elements (Hydrogen to Xenon) through engaging cartoon graphics and visual learning activities. They learn how atoms form molecules, and also learn about the crystal structure of molecules.  (Optional: materials)

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