$100 | Nov 18 and 20 (Monday and Wednesday) | 12.30-3.30pm | Grades 1 and up | Room 51 Get ready to fall into autumn with a November mini-camp building gadgets that spin, fly, balance, or buzz. You’ll confound your senses and confuse your brain—all in the name of science. Two new projects each day full of surprises, creativity, and fun. Please bring a light lunch and snacks.

$100 | Yoga and Healthy Cooking by Wholesome Creations Nov 19 and 21 (Tuesday and Thursday) | 12.30-3.30pm | Grades K and up | Room 51 Combining yoga and healthy cooking will help kids lay the foundations of healthy eating, build strength, flexibility and self-confidence. Please bring your own yoga mat/towel. Please alert instructor of any allergies.

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